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Meet Michelle

About me...

I started out as a size 10 Fitness Instructor who was flexible, strong and fit. I also thought I would always be this size and this healthy and for the most part, except when having my babies, I was. 

Then I gained weight and went up to a size 16 due to hormones, age, and illnesses.... and I dropped out of fitness. My self-confidence took a nose dive as my weight went up and I was suddenly on an emotional roller coaster.

So, I took some time out and closed down my classes and my business of ten years and after 23 years in the Health and Fitness Industry. It was scary. Yet I felt this was what I needed to do and looking back, it was. It gave me time to adjust to this new phase in my life. One that I had been stubbornly refusing to acknowledge. Yet it was here and not going anywhere!

So, what did I do?

Well to begin with I sulked. I was angry. I had spent so long and worked so hard on my health and wellbeing and I felt cheated. 

That attitude wasn’t going to fix anything for me!

I wanted to do what I LOVED.  I realised that my enjoyment and motivation in life came from helping other women find theirs. So, I returned to teaching with a different outlook, with bags more knowledge and understanding of women's health and the changes we encounter. (I also used this time to get on some courses and further my education).

I returned to teaching as a larger instructor and it was difficult. I was waiting for the unkind comments or to be judged for my size rather than my skills and knowledge.... and of course, I still had my own pre-set idea of what a Fitness Instructor should look like. 


The outcome is that I really get it. 

I understand the hurdles that ladies come across as we reach a certain time in our life, you know, those bumps in the road that throw us off track. The weight gain is only a small part of it.... there is so much more we deal with.

 I have come up against and experienced it all for myself.

I am not perfect.

I am me.

I am work in progress.

If any of what I have said resonates with you and you would like a fun, inclusive and understanding place to improve your health and wellness, you may want to rock up to a class or simply start by having a chat with me. There is a contact form and email at the bottom of the page. I would love to hear from you…

We start where you are… x

Adore Your Pelvic Floor

FACT: 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men live with pelvic floor dysfunction

 The Adore Your Pelvic Floor programme is a 16-week course (4 weeks live and 12 weeks on line) designed by founder Louise Field and supported by Fitness and Health care professionals. This unique programme offers weekly advice, support and exercises to enable you to understand how your pelvic floor muscles work and how to engage, strengthen and support them whilst executing a range of exercises and functional movements during everyday living. 

The Adore Your Floor Programme provides:

  • 4 in person lessons over a four week period 
  • 12 further weeks on line with on going support
  • The Adore Your Floor manual
  • Functional 12 week home programme
  • How to recruit correct pelvic floor contraction
  • Stabilising and improving conditions of stress/urge incontinence
  • The management of bowel conditions
  • Issues and management of prolapse
  • Exercises to either avoid or to do during a fitness programme to      help improve and protect the pelvic floor
  • Regular contact throughout the course
  • Women’s and Men’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist available on request



We are here to help you every step of the way and are committed to improving your health.

Everyone should have an understanding and gain the awareness of this sensitive area.

Interested in joining a programme or finding out more? 

Our 4 week live courses run regularly in both RUGBY and COVENTRY, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or email contactfit2b@gmail.com to register your interest. 

Sosa dance fitness

What is SOSA Fitness?


SOSA represents everything you want from your favourite fitness class – easy-to-learn choreography, fantastic songs and soundtracks, a great welcome, friendly atmosphere and a fabulous, fully qualified/insured SOSA instructor who makes you – and everyone else – feel good!

There are no barriers to stop you getting SOSA fit either. You absolutely do not need any dance experience, or even to have attended a fitness class before.

SOSA is designed with beginners in mind, and our routines will get you up and dancing, having fun straight away.


There are plenty of progressions to keep experienced dancers very happy too! In fact, SOSA is at the forefront of a dance movement to bring everybody into one fully inclusive class – embracing all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes, faiths and cultures.

Our classes are high energy but low-impact, making them suitable and safe for all fitness levels – and we walk through the dance steps for each routine first, so you’re never left struggling at the back!

Our dynamic new class concept enables those with all degrees of ability, including seniors and those requiring exercise referrals, to join in the fun of being a part of the SOSA family.

Kettlebell Classes

What are Kettlebells?

You may well have seen kettlebells and wondered about exercising with them.

 Here is what they are are and what you can expect from a class.

What we do in class.

Kettlebells look like a cannon ball with a handle and come in various weights so you can find one to suit your level and ability.

You will do exercises such as swings, lunges and squats, to name a few, working towards a more toned body whilst improving your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. 

 Training with kettlebells is not designed to increase muscle mass but rather to build strength by increasing the amount of lean muscle tissue. Increasing lean muscle tissue results in strength without bulk and a lean-looking appearance.  

Too Busy?

Many of us have busy schedules that juggle family, work and play. All these activities can block any motivation for a workout because of a lack of time.

Kettlebells however, are time effecient, providing workouts that are quick and intense by combining cardio and strength.  

Whats not to love about that?!?

Classes are smaller in number so you get plenty of coaching and support along with a friendly, women only group training with you.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at Keresley RFC

If you want to know if Kettlebells is for you either complete the contact form or email me at contactfit2b@gmail.com

what they say...


Never having been a lover of exercise, all that changed when I attended one of Michelle's classes. She is exuberant, dynamic and lights up the room! I look forward to going every week to get my wiggle on and I leave feeling energised and happy as the endorphins work their magic! I highly recommend Michelle's classes for all abilities. 5* Why not come and see for yourself? 

Amanda, aged 40 


 Fit2B Kettlebell classes are run in a very friendly and welcoming manner by Michelle Simpson. All levels of ability are catered for, and gives an excellent work out. I have been attending for the last couple of weeks and am quickly regaining my strength (did KB with Michelle some years ago). I have already noticed the difference in my posture and my flexibility and mobility have improved. 


Fit2B Kettlebell classes are run by the lovely Michelle Simpson. I have attended 3 classes so far and LOVE IT. You work at your own pace and everyone is very welcoming. Michelle always helps you get in the right position to make it easier for you.
I can now run around after my 21 month old more and it's all thanks to Michelle xx 


I have recently moved to Coventry and have been lucky enough to find Michelle and her fabulous classes. They are fun, energetic, inclusive and safe.
Having taught PE for over 20 years, I can guarantee that Michelle knows her stuff, and her enthusiasm shines through 🌞 


 What an enthusiastic coach, gets everyone moving to the beat in Zumba and enjoying kettlebells in a friendly group class all at your own level of fitness. Why not give it a try.?

what they say....


 ‘I can’t think of anything worse than after a full day of work having to go out again to work out, however, I make an exception for Michelle Simpson / Fit2B Kettle Bells, its a small class of ladies, it’s fun, tough and you leave feeling like every muscle in your body has been worked and I can’t wait till the next class. If you are a lady of a certain age and want to stay toned and fit then this is the class for you x’


Zumba with Michelle made me fall in love with dancing again :)


 I've worked out with Michelle for many years - from the very first Zumba Class! Worked my way through Kettlebells, Yoga and many other things (sliders springs to mind :)). Michelle is a dedicated and experienced coach, who knows how to make exercise fun - give it a go, you won't regret it!  


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